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Seattle Seahawks being honored by AWG  Mount Saint Helens
Above, left: Seattle Seahawks being honored by Lt. Governor Owen, left and the AWG in 2014 .  | Dome of the Mt. Saint Helens volcano 


The Association of Washington Generals is comprised of Washington citizens who have distinguished themselves through exceptional public service, continued dedication to civic achievement and high character. Their ranks include leaders in business, government, the military and non-profit organizations. Ex-officio members include the Washington Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the Secretary of State.

Current officers (2014-2015):

Executive Committee

Roger Flygare, Commanding General
Mike Flood, Deputy Commanding General
David Lawrence, Adjutant (secretary)
Ralph Ibarra, Finance Officer, Immediate Past Commanding General

Board Members at Large

Alfie Alvarado-Ramos
Mark Gjurasic
Sharon Kinder
David Lawrence
Kitty Sperry
William Sperry
Milland Walling
John Welsh
Brian Dirks, Office of Lt. Governor, ex-officio


Are you interested in becoming a Washington General or know somebody who might be a good candidate for this organization? Click here to send an email describing the candidate's qualifying background information and why he or she would make a good General. Information will go before the organization's nomination committee for further consideration.

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