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Wheat tractor Lyons Ferry Park

Wheat Tractor (left) and Lyons Ferry Park (right). Photography: Washington State Senate

Message from John Cherberg

Since the primary function of this world-wide group of distinguished personalities is to inform the citizens of the world of the unique charms of the state of Washington, it is well to reiterate those charms.

This is the land where the bountiful prairies lie in the lap of majestic mountains. Where militant steelhead fight for the lure of the fortunate fisherman. Where tumbling rivers fall to the mighty Pacific. Where the wily chukkar walks the novice hunter into perspiring frustration. Where the gentle doe stands in patient curiosity at the roadside to watch the busy people. Where hunting, skiing, fishing, boating, snow-mobiling, camping, hiking, unlimited hydro-racing, horse-racing, picnicking, bird-watching, bicycling, all lie within an hour of a great metropolitan center.

Where the rolling Palouse offers more of its golden wheat harvest than any other acreage in the world. Where at night Grand Coulee Dam offers the world’s grandest Light Show. Where great universities contribute to one of the nation’s strongest intellectual climates. Where throbbing industry pulses in harmony with the dreams of world-renowned scientists. Where medical research shares the spotlight with creative art.

Where a warmhearted people vigorously protect the quality of their matchless environment. Where today’s stranger is tomorrow’s neighbor, and Western hospitality finds its most sensitive manifestation.

This is Washington State.

This is the jewel in the crown of the sisterhood of states.

This is the product which Washington Generals wish to extol.

Let us be on with this happy task.

John A. Cherberg
Lieutenant Governor, 1970

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